Peer-To-Peer Sharing Drives Apple Wallet Retail Passes

Sharing drove growth more than marketing

New research has found that 75% of all retail passes within Apple Wallet are a result of peer-to-peer sharing. The data, collected by Urban Airship, found that for every retail or brand pass that is installed to an Apple Wallet, it is shared and added to 3.3 other devices on average. The CEO of Urban Airship commented that this showed that Apple had developed an effective means of business growth, that “[lowered] the cost of customer acquisition by offering an incredibly simple path for customer referrals and repeat business”. He also added that this method was available to any business and that it is around 10 to 25 times cheaper than the production of physical loyalty cards. Coupons were also found to have a larger sharing rate than loyalty cards through digital wallets, whilst higher-level brands were found to have higher sharing levels overall, compared to lower-level brands. 

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