PayPal Saw Huge Success In 2016

PayPal is in talks with Amazon

PayPal has announced huge success at the end of 2016. Up 53% from the same period in 2015, Q4 2016 saw the digital wallet process 31 billion US dollars in mobile payments. PayPal's CEO, Dan Schulman, said that “mobile is becoming an increasingly important competitive differentiator”, adding that the quarter saw more than half of all payments take place on mobile. As well as this, further growth is expected from the payment company after reports it has been talking to Amazon about a future deal. Since its deal with eBay fell apart in 2015, PayPal has become available on more platforms. Confirming that a deal is in the works, Schulman announced that he had been in conversation with Amazon. Paul Condra, an analyst at Credit Suisse, said that the deal would work as “there are people who don't want to put their credit card information on Amazon”, so PayPal would be a good alternative. 

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