Nigeria Tops Africa For Ecommerce

66% of Nigerians buy online every few months

A study from GeoPoll has found that Nigerians shop online more than any other sub-Saharan African country. The survey was conducted on the company's network of 200 million users, in Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Ghana. Whilst 66% of Nigerians bought something online every few months, it was found that over half of Ugandans and Ghanaians had never purchased anything on the web. Surveys revealed that the reluctance to shop online stems from lack of trust, shipping costs, unsupported payment methods, or because a friend had a bad experience. The problem is compounded by the fact that over 90% of Africans have no internet access. This data was revealed by Internet World Stats' report for Africa in 2016. The report says that lack of online access now makes those people “illiterate”, meaning that expanding internet connections into rural areas is a “step in the right direction of social development”. 

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