Netflix Updates Mobile App To Target Emerging Markets

Netflix operates in 130 countries

Netflix has made adjustments to its mobile app, following a push to go global. At the beginning of 2016, the video streaming service launched in 130 countries around the world, including many new and emerging markets. The move comes after it saw its quarterly membership increase slow dramatically, disappointing shareholders. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, chief product officer at Netflix, Neil Hunt, said that due to increasing mobile use in developing markets like India, the company has had to redesign its mobile app in order to suit slower internet speeds and higher levels of mobile use. Hunt said that Netflix had moved to a more native app which is “smaller and requires less constant internet connectivity”, and which would give “the best picture for the least data”. He added that the move from laptop or TV screens to mobile required a redesign, saying that the app would “present fewer choices, not just smaller artwork more densely presented”. 

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