Naver To Expand Entertainment And Science Content

Naver will invest 110 billion won in entertainment and science

Naver has announced that it is to expand its portfolio and invest in several new areas of online media. The South Korean tech company recently said that it had invested around 100 billion won, or 88 million US dollars, in YG Entertainment. The move will see Naver expand its media content through the production of video and music. YG said that the new deal would ensure that its own content would now become “more approachable through Naver platforms such as V Live, Line, and Snow”. It was also announced that Naver would be spending 10 billion won on expanding its online encyclopaedia, called Knowledge iN, and plans to work with a range of professionals to ensure that it is as reliable as possible. Naver said that it saw a “high demand among users for basic science content”, and was looking to create 15,000 new pieces of scientific content with the help of experts.  

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