Naver Embarks On Mobile-Only Strategy

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The leading South Korean search company Naver has announced that it will be entering into a mobile-only strategy, pitching it into direct competition with other mobile-based service giants such as Google and Alibaba. It will be reorganising all of its services, including its search, live streaming and messaging services, to serve mobile users rather than desktop users, with the aim of creating a better mobile experience. South Korea has one of the most mature smartphone markets in the world, with a penetration rate of over 100%. Naver also confirmed that it would be working on expanding some of its services to an international market. A spokesperson from the tech giant explained why it was moving from a mobile-first to a mobile-only strategy, saying: “A mobile device has become a vital part of our everyday lives, just like a part of the body. We will provide optimised services so that users can find the most meaningful content at the moment, enjoy without delays, and share vivid experiences on the spot in real time with anyone in other regions.” 

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