Managing Social Media On A Global Scale

Ef Rodriguez from HTC talks to us about social media, and how to deal with it on an international scale...

International Social Media And What Can Be Gained

The nature of social media makes it all about real-time, relevancy and engagement and this presents obvious challenges for brands trying to develop a social presence in multiple markets. Ef Rodriguez, Head of Global Social for HTC, shares some fantastic insights about how the brand approaches its social activities, the importance of research in social, how to engage influencers and ambassadors and the future of VR. He also demonstrates the importance of having a passion for what you do and how that translates into results.

Find out more about:

  • The importance of engagement in social media
  • How to use social to enforce your brand

Currently working as the Director of Global Social for HTC, Ef Rodriguez specialises in digital strategy, copywriting, social media strategy amongst other things. Also known as a professional speaker on all things social or digital, he has spent his career with valued ad agencies working for clients such as Nike, American Express and Disney.

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