Making Sure Your Global Rollouts Bring Success

Developing a presence in a new market is a challenge for any business. Luc van Emmerik tells how Foodora have managed to do it in 54 separate regions.

Making your Mark in a new market

Discussing the intricacies of global rollouts and the ways in which different markets must be approached, Luc van Emmerik from Foodora talks to us about how businesses can find success in new regions. He talks about the importance of creating good content for each market, how Foodora goes about tailoring its launch approach to different locations, and the future of shared economy platforms.

Find out more about:

  • Standing out in the crowd in a new market
  • Developing consumer relationships

Luc has been a part of Foodora in Europe since just after its founding in 2015. Working first as the marketing head, and in the growth department, he has seen the company move into over 50 markets in nearly every continent on earth.

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