Localisation & Geo-Targeting Challenges At GoDaddy

Garth O'Brien from GoDaddy talks about how the company targets specific markets

How can localisation and geo-targeting improve SEO?

With GoDaddy currently in around 50 markets around the world, global head of SEO Garth O'Brien talks to us about the ways in which they target all those markets and how geo-targeting and localisation effects the company. Garth also talks to us about the challenges he has faced in the past, and how others can avoid the hurdles and issues that geo-targeting brings.

Garth O'Brien is the Global Head of SEO at the websites company GoDaddy, where he is responsible for managing the company's global SEO strategy across 50 markets. He has extensive experience in SEO and social media marketing and prides himself in optimising digital assets for maximum SEO impact, including for social channels like Pinterest and YouTube.

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