Internet Users Consider ccTLD Domains To Be Trustworthy

95% of respondents said they trusted ccTLDs

Findings from a survey by ICANN have shown that 95% of internet users consider ccTLDs a trustworthy format, in regions where they are regularly used. Following ICANN's recent introduction of more gTLDs, country-specific domains have since been considered in decline when it came to usefulness, however, the high score they have achieved may lead to changes in how they are viewed. The full report, which came as phase two of a long-term paper, also revealed that 52% of the 5,452 consumers questioned were aware of new gTLDs, but that visits to them had decreased by 10%. Also reported was that consumers' expectations of a site changed if it had a new gTLD, and that they expected the pages to reflect it. Akram Atallah, president of ICANN's Global Domains Division, said he encouraged community members to review the report, to learn more about the current market. 

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