Internet Mocks Yahoo And AOL's New Company Name "Oath"

Oath has been called the worst rebranding in corporate history

Verizon has announced that it is to merge Yahoo and AOL into one new entity called Oath, a name that has drawn ridicule from many. Almost as soon as the news was broken, commenters flocked to poke fun at the new name, making up puns such as: “Is Oath Yahoo or AOL? Boath”, “What will determine success? Groawth”, and “How do people feel about this new brand? They loath it.” Some people also made fun of the fact that the @oath Twitter handle is already taken by a user whose profile picture shows a ridiculous image of a photoshopped hand giving the thumbs up sign sprouting out of a man's neck. Others were more scathing in their assessment, calling the new name one of the worst rebrandings in corporate history. 

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