Increasing Online Revenues With Ecommerce Optimisation

We're joined by the co-authors of a new book called Ecommerce Website Optimization. AWA Digital's Dan Croxen-John, and Johann van Tonder.

Optimising For Ecommerce Success

CRO experts Dan Croxen-John and Johann van Tonder of AWA Digital run through the key steps used by the world's leading online brands to continuously improve, or optimise, their sites. Dan and Johann are co-authors of a new book called Ecommerce Website Optimization. 

You'll learn about:

  • How to improve CRO
  • The importance of fullly optimising your site
  • How testing can make a real difference

An ecommerce expert, Dan Croxen-John has been the MD of several very successful online shopping companies. He founded AWA in 2009, a business which now has offices in three continents, working with clients such as Canon and Betty's.

Meanwhile, Johann is a South African marketer with experience in consulting, speaking, and advising. Currently with AWA Digital as its COO, he has also lectured at the University of Cape Town.

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