In Which Country Is Twitter More Popular Than Facebook?

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Twitter has more monthly active users than Facebook in Japan. The social networking companies have just released their user figures for the end of 2015, revealing that Twitter has 35 million monthly active users in Japan, compared to Facebook's 25 million. It is thought to be the only country in the world where Twitter has a larger user base than Facebook, although the companies have not confirmed this. Worldwide, Facebook is the most dominant social network by far, with 1.59 billion monthly active users, compared to Twitter's 320 million. Twitter's user growth has been slowing since 2013, so the latest news from Japan will be good news for the company. Twitter also revealed that advertising revenues grew at twice the global rate in Japan last year, with big names such as the ecommerce company Rakuten and the mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo choosing to advertise on the platform. Japan is a very mature internet market, with an internet penetration rate of 86%, equivalent to 109 million people. 

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