In-App Advertising On The Rise In Asia Pacific

Mobile web display advertising is set to decline

Research by Criteo and WBR Digital has found that in-app advertising is set to rapidly grow in popularity in the Asia Pacific region, at the expense of mobile web display advertising. The study asked senior marketers what their highest priority mobile ad tactics were currently and also for the next 12 to 18 months. It found that mobile web display advertising is currently by far the most popular tactic, with 52% saying it was their highest priority tactic. This was followed by in-app advertising which was cited by 19% of respondents, native advertising which was favoured by 17%, and video and interstitial ads which came in at 9% and 3% respectively. Looking 12 to 18 months into the future, however, marketers had shifted their priorities. The proportion prioritising mobile web display advertising had shrunk to just 37%, whereas in-app advertising had surged to 30%. Native advertising saw a small drop in popularity, and video advertising saw a similarly small rise. 

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