How and why to prepare for voice search

Could we be on the dawn of a voice-first era?

Learn how to optimise for voice search

Michiel Das, Global SEO and SEM Manager at SEAT, discusses voice search. He talks about what it is, why it is important and how to optimise for it. He also discusses the current nature of voice search queries and how these might develop in the future, as well as the international aspect and how voice search differs in different markets around the world.

Learn more about:

  • why voice search is important
  • what a typical voice search query looks like
  • how to prepare for voice search
  • how to optimise for voice search
  • a look from an international perspective

Over an exciting career, Michiel has worked in the car industry, photography, tourism and hospitality, all as a marketing or branding specialist. He also holds a Masters in Management specialising in Marketing and Public Relations. Michiel is also a regular contributor to Mis Apis por tus Cookies, one of the most read digital marketing blogs in Spain.

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