How To Harness Psychographic Targeting in Facebook Ads

Merry Morud talks to us about how to understand the psyche of consumers, and how to target them based upon it.

Targeting the right demographic on facebook

Psychographic targeting allows marketers to dig deep than demographic targeting, and focus on the elements that makes people tick; their likes and dislikes. This approach enables more specific targeting and allows you to tailor your message to really resonate with a certain group. Merry Morud, Senior Creative Strategist at aimClear, explains how to put this into practice and improve the ROI of your Facebook campaigns.

Specialising in psychographic targeting, Facebook marketing and creative, Merry Morud has years of experience in different areas of marketing. She has worked with companies such as Amazon, Dell and eBay, amongst others, and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.

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