How To Harness Opportunities With Yandex Direct

Online Advertising, Paid Search And Yandex. Which Opportunities Exist Where?

Marketing Opportunities In Paid Search

Online advertising is way more than just paid search, with a multitude of options available for advertisers reach a target audience. Eugene Lomize, Head of Advertising Technology at Yandex, explains where he thinks opportunities lie and which features are under-utilised but offer real potential. He also shares insights into what drives development at Yandex, how it's technology allows marketers to experiment and why there is still always a need for human intervention in all campaigns. 

Find out more about:

  • Making the most Yandex's features
  • Technology in marketing
  • The importance of human input in automation

To the Russian online marketers, Evgeny Lomize doesn't need an introduction. Having been in charge of developing the Yandex advertising technologies for almost two decades he is a thought leader in the digital marketing field.

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