Google Updates Its Search Console API

Google has introduced pagination in Search Analytics

Google has made several changes to its Search Console API. Firstly, it has introduced pagination in Search Analytics, making it possible for webmasters to request more than 5,000 rows of data for their website. The data can still only be returned in batches of 5,000 rows, but by increasing the starting point from 0 to 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 or however many rows you want, it is now possible to get multiple reports. To do this, webmasters simply need to replace “0” with “5000” (or whatever their desired number is) after where it says “startRow” in the code. Secondly, it now includes “linked from” information regarding URL crawl errors. The new information includes when the error was first detected, when the URL was last crawled, the error's URL, the HTTP response code (if applicable), a list of any sitemaps pointing to this URL and a sample of URLs linking to this URL. And thirdly, the Google Search Console API has increased and clarified its usage limits. The per-site limit is 5 queries per second and 200 queries per minute. The per-user limit is also 5 queries per second and 200 queries per minute. The per-project limit is 100 million queries per day. 

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