Google Launches Video Call App Google Duo

The new Skype rival will be available on iOS and android

Google has launched a new video call app for smartphones to rival Skype, called Google Duo. Whilst Apple smartphones have Facetime built in, it can only be used to contact other iOS devices. Google has said that the app has been designed so that users on any operating system can contact each other, with Amit Fulay from Google saying that currently “users are reluctant to video call because they don't know if the other person is on the right network”. Duo is also notably one of the first apps that Google has released that does not require a Gmail address to use, with only a phone number required to sign in and make a call. It is thought that if Google installs Duo automatically onto every new Android device, it may be enough to tempt iOS users to download the app. However, due to multiple accusations regarding Google abusing its market dominance, it remains to be seen as to whether it will install the app automatically or not.

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