Google Fined Record-Breaking 2.4 Billion Euros

Google has been ordered to stop its antitrust practices

Google has been issued a record fine of 2.4 billion Euros after a seven-year investigation. The fine has been ordered by the European Commission after it was found that the search company was promoting its own shopping services above other search results. The action was ruled to have contravened anti-competition laws, and to be distorting the market. Google has been told to end its practices within 90 days, or face even further penalties. If Google fails to change its ways within this time period, it could face further fines representing 5% of Alphabet's daily earnings, equalling 14 million US dollars each day. The European Union's Competition Commissioner said that “what Google has done is illegal under EU antitrust rules”, as it denies “consumers the benefits of competition, genuine choice and innovation". Google has announced that it may appeal the fine. 

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