Germany Shoots Down Facebook's Real-Name Policy

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4 August 2015. Regulators in Germany have told Facebook that it is not allowed to enforce its real-name policy in the country. Facebook's real-name policy states that users are only allowed to have one account each, and that the account must use the individual's legal name. If an account is suspected of using a fake name, it is locked by the social network until the user provides a copy of a legal document that includes their real name, such as a passport or ID card. German regulators say that the policy goes against German law, which says that German citizens have a right to use a pseudonym. Regulators also say that it is illegal for the company to ask for digital copies of user's passports and ID cards. A spokesperson from Facebook has hit out against the regulators, saying: “We're disappointed Facebook's authentic name policy is being revisited, since German courts have reviewed it on multiple occasions and regulators have determined it fully complies with applicable European data protection law.”

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