Germany Increases Programmatic Ad Spend

Programmatic advertising spend doubles in two years

Germany has experienced a sharp increase in its total spend on programmatic advertising.According to BVDW, the digital advertising format receives double the amount of spend than it did just two years ago in 2014.After rising 45% in 2015 to 390 million euros per year, it is expected to increase at the same rate again to 566 million euros.The popularity of the platform is very high considering that when questioned last year, over half of marketers said that programmatic advertising gave them too little control, and 42% said that it lacked transparency when it came to the use of data.However, the majority did also say that they were pleased with how it gave them real-time buying data.Meanwhile, the US B2B sector is also increasing it use of the platform with nearly 80% of B2B marketers expecting to use at least some of their 2016 budget on programmatic.

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