Gender Gap In Internet Use Is Worldwide Problem

More Men Have Digital Access Then Women Worldwide

Levels of digital access and smartphone ownership are higher amongst men than women across the world, according to research by Pew Research Center. The gender gap is largest in Africa, with Nigeria being the country with the highest levels of digital gender inequality. In Nigeria, 48% of men have access to the internet, compared to just 29% of women. It's a similar picture in Kenya, where 49% of men have digital access, compared to just 31% of women. The trend persists in countries where internet penetration is low overall. In Uganda, a mere 16% of men have access to the internet, but this drops even further to just 6% amongst women. Likewise in Ethiopia, 12% of men have digital access, compared to just 4% of women. Gender inequality also extends to smartphone ownership. Around 1 in 3 men have a smartphone in Nigeria, compared to just 1 in 5 women. Similarly large gender gaps also exist in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda. The research found that gender inequality even exists in more developed nations. Smartphone ownership sits at 75% for men in Spain, compared to 66% for women. In Mexico it's a similar story, with 44% of men having a smartphone, compared to just 28% of women. 

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