GDPR - What You Need To Know About The New EU Data Law

Phil Gorksi from Blacks Solicitors talks us through the upcoming EU data law, set to come into play in 2018.

What do marketers need to know about the GDPR law?

Phil Gorski from the law firm Blacks sits down with us to explain why marketers should be paying attention to upcoming changes to European data protection law. We discuss the changes set to come into play when the EU's new GDPR law is introduced, the risks of non-compliance and what brands must know in order to not get caught out by the shake-up. 

Find out more about:

  • Exactly when the law will come into effect
  • What changes brands should be thinking about implementing now
  • The impact it will have on UK businesses post-brexit

After working as a solicitor for 15 years, Phil now focuses his time at Blacks on commercial disputes. He has also lectured for commercial and civil litigation courses.

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