Flipkart Breaks Indian Ecommerce Sales Record

Flipkart saw $210m worth of sales in 24 hours

The Indian ecommerce giant Flipkart has broken the Indian record for the best single day of sales. Doubling the amount of money the company made in the same sale last year, Flipkart has announced that it sold 210 million US dollars' worth of goods in just one day. Commenting on the astonishing achievement, Flipkart\'s co-founder and CEO Binny Bansal said that it signalled “the evolution of [Indian] ecommerce and its adoption among consumers”. Whilst the success shows that Flipkart can truly compete with Amazon India, Bansal added that the company had spent around 30% of its advertising budget on the sale. The revenue is far more than any company in the US or Europe has made in one day, including during sale periods such as Black Monday. However, this still falls well behind being the world's largest day of sales, which belongs to Alibaba who took 5 billion US dollars in just the first 90 minutes of the Chinese Singles' Day sales last year.

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