Facebook Wards Off Wannabe Trademark-Thief In China

A Chinese company registered itself under the name

Facebook has won its case against a Chinese company that registered itself under the same name. The Chinese 'Face Book', registered itself as a separate trademark and split the social network's famous name into two separate words. The court in Beijing told the firm that they had “violated moral principles” with an “obvious intention to duplicate and copy from another high-profile trademark”. Since Facebook was banned in China, they have faced a hard stance from Chinese authorities, but this latest decision has led to speculation that the country's feelings towards Facebook may be softening. Mark Zuckerberg has also attempted to personally reduce the standpoint against Facebook, by recently visiting the Chinese chief of propaganda, Liu Yunshan. Western companies have often had trouble having trademarked goods upheld, as they have to prove the name is well-known in China. Only recently did Apple lose its case against a leather product manufacturer who sell items under the name IPHONE. 

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