Facebook Superseding YouTube for Short Videos

The Latest Insights from International Online Marketing

30 July 2015.

Facebook is quickly superseding YouTube as the go-to channel for short videos lasting less than 5 minutes, with the social network clocking up 4 billion video views every day.

Facebook is the most popular social network in the majority of countries around the world, making it a strong choice for businesses wanting to reach an international audience.

The video technology company Bidalgo has said that it intends to tap into the potential of these international markets, touting its new technology that automatically edits videos to make them more relevant to the viewer based on their gender and location.

A spokesperson from the advertising analytics company IHS has said: “Dynamic creative ads are a new, experimental way of providing video advertising. The fact that [Bidalgo] have dynamic ads which change based on gender or location can be a great asset.”

As a marketing partner of Facebook, Bidalgo's services are actively promoted to advertisers by the social network.


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