Facebook Profits Grew By 51% In 2016

Facebook's 2016 total profits totalled $27.6 billion

Facebook saw a strong end to 2016, with a 4% growth over Q4. In the three months from September to December, the company saw earnings of 8.8 billion US dollars. The report also showed that 84% of the company's ad revenue came from mobile, and was worth 7.2 billion US dollars. The results from the last quarter mean that in 2016 Facebook made a total profit of 27.6 billion US dollars – a 51% annual increase over 2015. Most of this growth is due to rapid user growth in the Asia Pacific region, where daily users increased from 309 million to nearly 400 million through the year. That increase makes it Facebook's largest market, overtaking the “rest of world” region for the first time, and staying ahead of Europe and North America. David Wehner, Facebook's CFO, said that in December 2016 alone “1.23 billion people used Facebook on an average day, up 189 million or 18% compared to last year”. 

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