Facebook Launches Audience Targeting For Organic Posts

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Facebook now allows Page owners to target their organic posts to specific audiences. When a user “likes” a Page on Facebook, they will only see a small percentage of posts by that Page. English-language Pages can now use the Audience Optimisation tool to increase and decrease the likelihood of individuals seeing particular posts. Page admins can access the Audience Optimisation tool by clicking on the cross-hairs icon next to the Publish and Boost Post buttons. This will bring up a box that allows Pages to specify a Preferred Audience and Audience Restrictions. The Preferred Audience section allows Page admins to type in target interests. This means that if a follower has indicated that they like this interest on Facebook, the post will be more likely to appear in their news feed. Page admins can see which interest tags contributed to a post's engagement by looking at Audience Insights. The Audience Restrictions section allows Page admins to limit the number of people who can see a post by excluding people who don't fall into the specified criteria. Posts can be restricted by age, gender, location and language. Facebook says that although the Audience Optimisation tool doesn't increase organic post reach, it does increase post engagement. And over time, as users see posts that are more relevant to them and engage with them more regularly, it may well lead to an increase in organic post reach as the Page's posts are shown more regularly due to a user's past engagement with them. 

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