Exploring Geo-targeting For Your Website

How to implement a successful strategy

A Course in Geo-targeting

From domain extensions to Webmaster Tools

Exploring geo-targeting for your website

In this course, we will look at the definition of geo-targeting and the benefits of using this approach for international websites.

We will focus on the most useful tools for a successful strategy, as well as some practical scenarios to help you plan your approach.

What the ‘Exploring Geo-targeting for your Website’ Course Offers:

A modern, reader-friendly layout

Our course combines essential information on geo-targeting with great design.

A handy and digestable overview

The course concentrates on the main points, to give you an introduction to everything you need for an effective geo-targeting strategy

International relevance

If you have an international website, knowing how to implement geo-targeting effectively is essential. Lean how by taking our course!

Practical take-aways

The course gives you practical information about, amongst others, Webmaster Tools, domain extensions and hreflang

Real-life scenarios to illustrate the points

What use is information if you cannot apply it? We show you examples to better understand the points made

Professional help to be at the top of your game

The information in this chapter is provided and verified by SEO experts

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