Explaining Transcreation

We find out about Transcreation. What its, and what it means for a business.

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Transcreation is an important part of the content localisation process. Giving the translator (or rather, the transcreator) the freedom to amend the content to better fit the target market, it maximises the impact of content by ensuring it is as appealing as possible to the target audience. Translation specialist Emily MacKenzie talks to us about transcreation, explaining when it should be used and what makes it different from translation.

Emily is the Business Development Manager for Webcertain Translates. With 8 years sales and customer service experience, Emily continues to drive new sales, generate and follow up leads, and prepare detailed proposals meeting clients' needs and expectations; as well as advising clients on the best course of action when it comes to translation services. Emily also has an extensive academic background in Linguistics, including Phonetics and Phonology and Computational Linguistics.

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