Europeans Becoming Less Engaged With Email Marketing

The number of European engaged by email marketing has dropped by 10% compared to 2015

A new European study has revealed that email marketing campaigns are less engaging than they once were. The survey by Adobe, which looked into the email habits of 3,000 working people across Europe, also revealed that even though 10% less people are engaged by email marketing compared to 2015, they spend more time than ever checking their messages. It was also found that compared to its larger European neighbours, professionals in the UK are more easily targeted outside of work hours. Whilst in the UK 53% of people would check their emails whilst in bed, only 42% and 34% would do the same in France and Germany respectively. That pattern continues when it comes to checking work messages at the weekend as well, with Brits likely to check 43 emails on average, compared to Germans reading only 17, and French people reading 16. 

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