European Millennials' Digital Behaviours Revealed

Millennials want value for money

Research by eMarketer has revealed insights into millennials' digital behaviours in the UK, Germany and France. The research found that Facebook is waning in popularity, especially in the UK. Instead, millennials are becoming more attracted to mobile-first, more visual platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Looking at ecommerce, the study found that millennials are omnichannel shoppers who use digital at various different points in the purchase journey. They are willing to buy online if prices are cheaper, but they also enjoy shopping in physical stores. They are not the biggest spenders online, possibly because they have less disposable income than older adults. The research also found that millennials are highly receptive to brands and will engage with them if it provides them with some benefit. They typically want rewards such as promotions, discounts and exclusive offers. In France, millennials are particularly keen to engage in mobile-based loyalty programmes in restaurants, bars and cafes. 

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