European Ecommerce Predicted To Grow

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European ecommerce is set to grow in the coming years, according to research by the CBRE. Continental European countries such as France and Germany are expected to see ecommerce transactions grow by around 10% in the next 3 years, with the improving economy and subsequent increase in spending power being touted as the main reasons for the rise. Most ecommerce spending will be done on domestic sites, with separate research by the European Commission finding that cross-border ecommerce is still relatively uncommon in Europe. Currently, only 15% of EU citizens buy from other EU countries online. A key reason for this could be the high cost of receiving packages from abroad. The European Commission's research revealed that parcels from abroad typically cost 471% more than parcels sent and received in the same country. The EU sees lowering the price of cross-border packages as being a key part of increasing the appeal of cross-border ecommerce in the continent. 

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