Euro 2016 Triggered Interest In Sports Apps

Interest was particularly high in host nation France

The Euro 2016 football competition seems to have triggered interest in sports apps, according to research by Flurry. The study looked at usage of sports gaming apps, sports news apps and sports magazine apps in the UK, France and Germany during the Euro 2016 competition compared to the same time period in 2015. It found that the number of app sessions had increased by an average of 65%. The overall amount of time spent on sports apps also went up, by an average of 33%. The increase was strongest in France, where the Euro 2016 competition was held. Just looking at the French data, the number of app sessions rose by 296% and the overall time spent on sports apps rose by 140%. The results show that real-world events, such as sports competitions, have a big impact on the consumption of digital assets, such as apps. 

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