Ecommerce Sites Damage Profits With Poor Global User Experience

The Latest Insights from International Online Marketing

18 August 2015. The latest version of the X-Border Payments Optimization Index has been published, assessing the user-friendliness of various cross-border ecommerce sites. It assessed international user-friendliness using attributes such as site navigation, language options, payment and currency options, and shopping experience. It found that the average score was just 56 out of 100, meaning that ecommerce sites must improve significantly in order to deliver a better international shopping experience. The highest scoring websites typically offered free shipping, had mobile-friendly sites, had a variety of language and payment options and had pages localised with correctly formatted address fields for the customer's country. US websites were the most user-friendly, followed by Chinese websites. On the other end of the spectrum, French websites received the lowest scores, with sites typically having limited language and currency options, unlocalised address fields, and requirements for users to create a profile and pay for shipping.

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