Ecommerce Changing In China

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The ecommerce landscape is changing in China. Online shopping in the country is shifting both towards rural areas and onto mobile devices. One of the country's largest ecommerce companies, Alibaba, recently announced that it saw sales hit 3 trillion yuan, or 463 billion US dollars, in the year ending March 2016, its highest annual sales figure ever. It said that this phenomenal figure was largely due an increase in the number of rural Chinese users starting to buy items online. The company now delivers items to 12,000 Chinese villages following a partnership with the distribution company Suning. The other major change in the Chinese ecommerce market, mobile shopping, was uncovered by a study by Analysys International Enfodesk. The study found that 65% of retail and C2C ecommerce sales that took place in China in Q4 2015 were done on a mobile device. This is a massive increase, with just 9% of Chinese retail and C2C ecommerce sales having taken place on mobile as recently as 2013. 

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