Ecommerce Apps Increasing in Popularity in India

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31 July 2015. A study by Nielsen has revealed that ecommerce apps are increasing in popularity in India. Looking at real-time data from 8,000 mobile users across the country, they found that the proportion who used ecommerce apps had increased from 21% last year to 54% this year. This reflects the experiences of India's main ecommerce companies, with Flipkart saying that 75% of its traffic came from its mobile app rather than its website. The study also uncovered an increase in the number of people from smaller towns and cities using ecommerce apps. It cited the availability of the cash-on-delivery payment option as a factor that was encouraging more rural Indians to try mobile shopping. Smartphone penetration is expected to explode in India in the next 5 years, with Ericsson Mobility predicting that the number of smartphone subscriptions in the country will increase from 130 million last year to a staggering 750 million by 2020.

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