Discovering Opportunities In AI And Machine Learning

We discuss the impact of new AI technology with Yandex's Director of Product Marketing, Andrey Sebrant.

The changing technological landscape in Russia

Yandex's Director of Product Marketing, Andrey Sebrant, joins us to talk about the advances made with AI and Machine Learning, and how they're being used in search marketing. He speaks about how these advances are impacting marketing in all sectors and the risks that can come with the implementation of such technology. Andrey explains why Yandex focuses on being an early adopter of many different technologies in Russia. 

Find out more about:

  • Yandex's use of AI and Machine Learning
  • The development of new technology in Russia
  • The opportunities now afforded marketers through AI

Andre is Yandex's long-time director of product marketing, and current board member of IAB Russia. He has worked in marketing for nearly 25 years and is considered one of the leading minds in new technologies in the Russian search landscape. He is also a doctor of physics.

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