Digital Marketing Tips For The Swiss Market

Learn how to to do marketing in Switzerland

Targeting Switzerland requires a unique approach

Raphael Bienz talks to us about the key things you should know about Switzerland if you're thinking about targeting the country online.

Find out more about:

  • The various languages spoken in Switzerland
  • The impact that this multilingualism has on website optimisation and keyword research
  • Social media and ecommerce in Switzerland
  • The difference between B2B and B2C marketing in Switzerland
  • Swiss culture

Raphael Bienz is the CEO of BlueGlass Switzerland and has a wealth of experience in digital marketing, with a keen eye for creativity and data. He has extensive experience with international projects and takes pride in the fact that he and his team at BlueGlass Switzerland can offer clients gold-standard services in SEO, content marketing and paid distribution. Raphael is also an enthusiastic lecturer at various Swiss universities where he shares his expertise with young, up-and-coming digital marketers.

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