Deutsche Bank Using Social Media For Recruitment

The practice has drawn criticism from some corners

Deutsche Bank has launched an initiative that allows it to look into potential new employees on social media. The bank has been keeping an eye on the progress of university students' Twitter and LinkedIn feeds since November in order to find potential new recruits. Since its launch, the scheme has helped the bank find up to 250 potential new employees in the UK, who are now part of Deutsche Bank's recruitment programme. Faye Woodhead, head of graduate recruitment for the bank, said that it had been looking at selected groups and societies from around 30 British universities from which it had previously hired. She said that the system worked well as it helped to “identify and approach people very, very quickly”. However, the strategy drew criticism from some, with James Reed, chairman of the recruitment group Reed, asking why Deutsche Bank was approaching students who did not have any intentions of working in banking. Despite this, the bank has announced that it plans to launch a similar scheme in the US later this year. 

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