Controlling Bots & Ensuring You Know What They're Doing

Good bots and bad bots. How can you tell the difference?! Caley Iandiorio explains.

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Caley Iadiorio from Akamai joins us to discuss the differences between good bots and bad bots, and how to make sure you control which ones can access a site's page. We talk to him about how to make sure that valuable, analytical bots can get through, whilst you still block out harmful bots that automate the process of scraping data. He clears up the complications in managing them, and making sure bad bots do as little harm as possible.

A well-known writer and speaker, Caley Iandiorio works as Industry Marketing Manager for Akamai Technologies. Having worked in the industry for 10 years, Caley knows all there is to know about marketing for consumers.

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