China Denies Draft Law Would Block All Foreign Sites

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The Chinese government has denied that a controversial draft law to do with domain names would block all foreign websites in the country. The proposed law says that Chinese websites must register their web addresses using Chinese domain registration services. If they do not, they risk being blocked in the country, or being fined 30,000 yuan. This sparked concern from many international businesses targeting China, who feared that their websites may be cut off for not having registered a .cn domain. In response, the Chinese government has announced that the proposed laws “do not involve websites that are accessed overseas, do not affect users from accessing the related internet content and do not affect the normal development of business for overseas companies in China”. China has some of the strictest internet censorship laws in the world. Pornographic and other “offensive” content are banned, including “the spreading of rumours”. In 2014, China made it a criminal offence to broadcast any defamatory content online. A perpetrator can face up to 3 years imprisonment if the information has been viewed by 5,000 people or re-posted 500 times. 

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