Brands Gear Up For Rio Olympics Social Media Marketing

Rio will be the first true "social Olympics"

Companies are looking to social media to make an impact during this month's Olympic Games in Rio. According to leading brands, social marketing has moved on dramatically since London's games in 2012. Kate Hartman, director of global brand PR for The Coca-Cola Company, says that “London was really just the start of what it meant to be social”, adding that the games in Rio will show “a true 'Social Olympics'”. Coco-Cola will be setting up a “real-time marketing” global hub in Brazil, allowing it to create social content in real time. Meanwhile, Gary Twelvetree from Visa Europe, has said that social is “a bigger focus for Rio”, compared to the games four years ago. The Olympic Committee has also loosened its regulations regarding who is allowed to run Olympic campaigns as well, with non-official sponsors now allowed to create campaigns around the games, providing they don't feature the Olympic logo or words such as “Rio”, or “summer” in certain contexts. 

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