Bing Launches New Chat Bot Search Feature

Bing sees chat bots as a large part of future SEO

Bing has launched a search feature that allows users to find chat bots. The new feature means that if a user searches for a term such as 'travel bot', Bing will return a list of all relevant chat bots, available to download directly from the search results page. Another example given by Bing is the ability to download a restaurant chat bot, in order to find out information such as parking recommendations, and ask questions about the menu or available payment methods. The chat bots can be added to multiple messaging platforms, including Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack and Telegram. Currently only available in the US city of Seattle, Microsoft has said that it expects the chat bots to be more “broadly available in the near future”. The company also announced that it is working on developing its own “InfoBot”, which uses Wikipedia to gather information, and that developers using Microsoft Bot Framework can now design their own chat bots. 

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