Bing Launches Expanded Device Targeting For Search Ads

Advertisers can make bid adjustments by device type

Bing has recently announced that it plans to launch a new feature for search ad campaigns called Expanded Device Targeting. According to a post on its blog, the new tool is designed to “give advertisers more control in their audience targeting strategy”, by allowing the advertiser to set their “individual bid adjustments by device type”. The devices that will be affected by the new tool will be desktop, mobile and tablets, and will offer larger ranges of adjustments for all device types, even allowing companies to completely opt out of advertising on mobile devices, for example. Bing stated that the reason behind the introduction of the Expanded Device Targeting tool was user feedback concerning lack of control of bid adjustments in the past. The move comes around 10 weeks after Google launched its own Smart Bidding feature, allowing advertisers to adjust their settings depending on device. 

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