Bing Launches Broad Match Modifiers Worldwide

Broad match modifiers improve ad targeting

Bing has launched broad match modifiers to all advertisers worldwide. Broad match modifiers can be used on broad match type keywords to help improve ad targeting by restricting the circumstances when broad match keywords can trigger an ad. For example, if you are a hotelier using the broad match keyword “London hotels”, your ad will also be triggered for the similar keywords “London central hotels” and “London holiday rentals”. If you don't want your ads to be triggered for holiday rental search queries, you can add the broad match modifier keyword +hotels, which will mean that the word “hotels” must be in the search term in order for your ad to be triggered. In order to use broad match modifiers, you need to go to the Opportunities tab in Bing Ads. If Bing thinks that there are good broad match modifiers that could be used with your ads, it will flag these as suggestions, displaying the number of broad match modifiers available, as well as the estimated increase in impressions and clicks. You need to click on the “View Opportunities” button to see more details, such as the suggested bid modifier, ad group, campaign, bid, estimated performance and estimated spend. If you want to use a broad match modifier, you just need to click the “Apply” button. 

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