Bing Introduces Exclusions For Remarketing Ads

Exclusions are useful for refining ad targeting

Bing has introduced exclusions for remarketing on Bing Ads. Exclusions can be very useful for refining ad targeting, by allowing advertisers to exclude ads from showing to groups of people who are unlikely to convert. To set up exclusions in your Bing Ads remarketing campaigns, you can either click on the “Create association” button on the “Audiences” tab, or the “Associate with remarketing lists” option under “Edit” in the “Ad groups” tab. You then need to choose the ad group that you want to add exclusions to and then click on “Add exclusions”. It's then just a simple matter of choosing the remarketing lists that you want to target or exclude. It is also possible to edit existing targeting associations within the table, simply by changing between the “enable”, “pause”, “delete” and “exclude” options. 

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