Baidu Opens Augmented Reality Lab

There has been rapid growth recently in AR marketing

Baidu has opened its own in-house Augmented Reality Lab. In an announcement, Baidu said that the AR lab would focus on developing its own high-level versions of the technology, to be used over a wide-range of different industries. Baidu has already launched its own AR-based application which has been used by worldwide brands such as L'Oréal and Lancôme. The head of the new AR Lab said that Baidu was keen to pursue the technology, because there has “already been rapid growth in AR marketing” adding that he expects “other industries to follow". The first project released by the company was announced at the same time, which involves recreating historical sites along Beijing's subway system, with AR allowing users to see 3D versions of the city's historical nine gates, which have all been demolished or renovated.

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