Australians Are Snubbing Loyalty Cards

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8 September 2015. Research by Citrus and Directivity has revealed that an increasing number of Australians are turning their backs on both physical and online loyalty card schemes. The top reason given by users who had abandoned loyalty schemes was that they simply were not receiving rewards quickly enough. The number of people quitting loyalty schemes for this reason was up 8% on last year. An increasing number of users also felt they had too many loyalty cards in their wallets, with the number of people giving this reason almost doubling on last year. This was the case even though many retailers now have e-wallet options. Respondents also revealed the top reasons that would stop them from ditching a loyalty scheme. Almost 80% said they wanted cash discounts on the products they were buying then-and-there, with a similar number saying they wanted vouchers and discounts that they could use in the future.

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